About Me and My Family

Being green has been part of our family’s existence for as long as I can remember. I have had a green thumb since I was a child. Guess I get that from my mom. But now that I am married, my family are also a “green family.” Over time we have been more aware of the environment and have tried to be eco-friendly every day.

Both inside and outside the house we work with Mother Earth by planting trees, growing flowers, caring for our lawn and growing our own vegetables. Recently, we have also started to compost some of our wastes that can help our lawn and garden. These are all small steps, but ones that can help our environment.

My name is Ivy Greene and as you can see, I married a man with an appropriate last name. Now I didn’t marry the guy for his last name, that was just a bonus. I’ve known my husband for over twenty years, since our high school days. While I knew him in high school, we never dated, but we were good friends. We quickly found out that we had a lot in common and were concerned with environmental issues. This is as true today as it was back in our high school days.

In the decades that have passed, we have started a family. We have three kids that are all great and equally concerned about the environment. The Greene family kids are Jonathan Greene who is a sophomore in college, Charlotte Greene who is a senior in high school and Ashley Greene who is a high school junior. In addition, we have two dogs, two cats and a hamster named Hammy!

We have a great family and we are all passionate about gardening and the environment. The entire family are equally comfortable talking about gardening and the environment as they would be talking about music, sports or fashion. They have all been very helpful in putting this website together and are a vital part of the Greene family team!

The Greene Team: Ivy Greene, Peter Greene, Jonathan Greene, Charlotte Greene and Ashley Greene