Gardening Inside and Outside

When you think of gardening, what comes to mind? For most people they would think it means being outside planting and tending to plants or flowers. While yes that is a correct answer, gardening is much more.

Outside your house gardening can involve a flower or vegetable garden to care for. It also can be the care and maintenance of your house’s lawn. Your lawn needs regular mowing and removal of weeds and other unwanted items, in order to look good. Also, if your property has trees and bushes, they will also need attention. Regular pruning of trees and trimming of bushes will keep them healthy and make them look great.

Inside your house also offers a variety of options to hone your gardening skills. Many people have flowers or plants in the home. These need to be cared for as well as the foliage outside the home. To properly care for your indoor gardening, you need to make sure that the plants and flowers have enough sunlight, water and are in a safe spot. Also, one of the things to consider with plants and flowers inside is a safety concern. A number of plants and flowers can be poisonous to pets and a danger to small children. They are dangers which need to be aware of and kept out of reach.

Gardening is a great activity that can be enjoyed by young and old. During times of bad weather caring for your indoor gardening needs can pass the time. And, when the weather is nice, working in your garden or on your landscaping can be fun and the fresh air is enjoyable.

The best part of gardening is that it is a hobby that does not cost a lot of money. For just a small investment in seeds, soil and equipment you can have a lifetime of enjoyment. To help you learn more about gardening around the home, we have put together a few pages of interest.