Welcome to My Website!

Some people are born with a green thumb, and others are not. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved to get my hands dirty and grow things. My guess is that I get my love of gardening from my mom. Whenever people came by our house, they would see mom in the yard along with her gardening shadow – me!

Because of my green thumb, I have always loved gardening, both inside and outside the house. I have spent countless hours making my home brighter with plants and flowers inside. And, outside my family have worked hard at creating a nice-looking lawn, trees and flower garden. While it’s not worthy to be on the cover of a home and garden magazine, in my humble opinion it is pretty good.

Currently I have offered my services and knowledge of gardening to a number of people and groups. In fact, my family are also very interested in sharing knowledge with others. We have led 4H classes in gardening, talked with scout troops about gardening, spoke with community groups on the subject, written articles about healthy gardens and a lot more! One of the publications even said that not only do we have green thumbs, but in all likelihood our blood might be green! It’s a slight exaggeration but pretty close.

My family decided to help with this project by assisting me in getting information together that we can share with the public. In the near future we will be expanding this site with additional helpful information. Thanks for visiting our website and hope to see you again soon!